Thesis Resources for the MSc ECE Program at LU

General Information

Below you will find suggestions on how to organize your thesis. You can use this information as a guideline to get you started but you must also discuss the thesis organization and details with your supervisor.

Using LaTeX (recommended)

LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system that is widely used for documents in the fields of Mathematics, Science, Engineering and others. The necessary software can be downloaded for free and is available for several operating systems. More information can be found at the LaTeX project site. One advantage of using LaTeX is that since formatting is automatic, you only have to worry about the content. A very simple sample LaTeX file that can be used as a starter for your thesis and the corresponding pdf file are provided here:
A good document that contains useful information on what to write in your thesis can be found at the following site: McGill University Multimedia Signal Processing Laboratory: Reports Abstracts (scroll down to the year 2000 and select the document entitled "Formatting a Thesis with LaTeX").

Using a word processor

It is also possible to prepare your thesis using a word processor. Dr. Khoury has prepared a manual of style for software engineering that could be used as a guideline to prepare a thesis or other types of technical documents. In addition to formatting suggestions, this document also provides ideas on what to write in your thesis and how to organize the information.

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Last Updated: 18/11/2015