Guidelines for ENGI 5731: Seminar Electrical and Computer Engineering

*** These Guidelines for Thesis-Option Students Only ***

Purpose and Objectives

The LU Calendar describes the Seminar Electrical and Computer Engineering course as follows: "An ordered and critical exposition of the literature on a appropriate topic in electrical and computer engineering."
In the seminar presentation students present the motivations for their proposed research, a literature review of the area, objectives of the proposed thesis research and a summary of any results available at the time of the presentation. In addition to being an opportunity to practise presentation skills, the seminar presentation is also an opportunity to receive feedback on the objectives, scope and direction of the thesis research.


Before you can present the seminar, you must have attended at least 3 other seminars or thesis presentations. An attendance sheet to keep track of your attendance can be downloaded here: Seminar_attendance.pdf
Normally students should register for ENGI 5731 at the first term of their second year in the program after the Thesis Committee has been established. Once registered, students must give the seminar presentation before the end of the corresponding term. It is recommended to allow 30 minutes for the presentation plus additional time for questions and discussion. Do not register for the seminar course without first consulting it with your supervisor!

Suggested Assessment

The seminar mark is set by the Thesis Committee of the student. The following criteria can be used:

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Last Updated: 9/10/2015