ENGI 5131: Microelectronics — Winter 2017

3 hour lectures and 1.5 hour laboratory per week

Lakehead University — Faculty of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
C. E. Christoffersen (carlos.christoffersen@lakeheadu.ca), Office: ATAC 5017, Tel.: 343-8352.
Class Web Site:
Class notes will be used. Main reference book: M. C. Schneider and C. Gallup-Montoro, “CMOS Analog Design Using All-Region MOSFET Modelling,” Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Course Objectives


Week No.Topic Discussed
1–2 ACM MOSFET model. Basic current mirrors.
2–3 CMOS technology, components and layout techniques.
4–6 More current mirrors. Current sources and voltage references.
6–8 Dynamic MOSFET model. Basic amplifier stages.
8–11 Differential amplifiers.
11–12 CMOS logic performance analysis.

Note: The instructor reserves the right to modify the above outline depending on class progress.


Information related to class matters will be announced in class and posted on the web site.
There will be laboratory sessions with tutorials on the use of Cadence tools.
Problem sets will be posted in class and on the class web site. Assignment problems may require the use of Cadence tools and/or self-study.
Course Project:
Each student will select a research paper about integrated circuit design. Paper selection must be approved by the instructor. The student will attempt reproducing paper results. Usually this includes re-designing the circuit with the available technology and simulating its performance. A written report with analysis and simulations of the design must be submitted. An oral presentation of the design and implementation will be given by each student sometime near the end of term.


There will be one midterm exam. Date and time will be announced. A three-hour final exam will be scheduled by the Registrar office.

Note: No communication devices are allowed during exams.

Marks distribution:
Assignments 20%, Project 35%, max{Midterm, Final} 20%, Final 25%