ENGI 2453: Computer Communications and Networking
Winter 2017

3 hour lectures and 1.5 hour laboratory

Lakehead University — Faculty of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
C. E. Christoffersen (carlos.christoffersen@lakeheadu.ca), Office: ATAC 5017, Tel.: 343-8352.
Class Web Site:
None. Class notes will be used.


Week No.Topic Discussed

1–2 Transmission modes. Error Detection, flow control

2–3 Packet-switched networks, the Internet.
Connection-oriented and connectionless networks

3–4 Networking protocols, layered models
Internet addressing

5 Local area networks (LANs)

6–7 Routing and internetworking

7–10 Transport protocols and socket programming

10–12 Applications and network management
Network Security

Note: The instructor reserves the right to modify the above outline depending on class progress.


Information related to class matters will be announced in class and posted on the web site.
Assignments will be posted in class and on the course website. Assignment problems may require self-study and C programming.
Laboratory schedules will be posted in the lab area (AT 4020). Groups of at most 3 students must register with the laboratory technologist. All laboratory experiments must be performed to pass the course and some experiments require formal lab reports to be submitted by the assigned date. One laboratory report per group is to be submitted.


There will be one midterm exam. The exact date and time will be announced in class. A three-hour final exam will be scheduled by the Registrar office. Note: No electronic device except non-programmable calculators are allowed in exams.

Marks distribution:
Laboratory Reports 20%, Assignments 5%, max{Midterm, Final} 25%, Final 50%. Note: Failure to perform one or more lab experiments will result in a grade of ‘F’.

Student Learner Outcomes